Do you need help recruiting for your business?

Do you need help recruiting for your business?
Work with us in Intreo to meet your recruitment needs.
In Intreo we understand that attracting and retaining a workforce is an ongoing issue across all sectors, now more than ever before. To support this the Department of Social Protection is hosting a free Employer Roadshow to provide information on the services we offer at Intreo to support employers in building and retaining their workforce.
We warmly invite you to our Employer Roadshow at the Tower Hotel on Tuesday the 4th of April at 12.15pm – 2pm.
Lunch will be provided for all attending.
This event aims to provide you with information on the schemes and financial supports available from the Employer Relations teams in Intreo along with other relevant speakers to help you recruit and retain staff.
What can Employer Relations, Intreo do for you?
We can help you through all stages of the recruitment process, from advertising positions, to facilitating interviews along with employment schemes and financial support. Come and meet us on the day!

On behalf of Employer Relations, INTREO Waterford

Employer Relations Waterford
Department of Social Protection