Employers, are you struggling to source skilled talent into your business?
Employers, are you struggling to source skilled talent into your business?


Work with Intreo Partner Employer Services to meet your recruitment needs. Are you struggling to source skilled talent into your business?

Attracting and retaining skilled labour is an ongoing issue for companies across all sectors. Businesses in Ireland and internationally are operating in an extremely tight labour market where employers are competing fiercely for new employees. In support, the Department of Social Protection are providing details on the Intreo offers that are available to help you build your workforce.

In a nutshell, Intreo offers a range of supports to reduce recruitment and salary costs and to build new talent pipelines.

Intreo Partner Services for Employers

Pathways to Work

Pathways to Work, the Irish government’s national employment services strategy, sets out the national framework for labour activation and employment. It commits Intreo, Ireland’s public employment service, to work with employers to assist in labour supply. Intreo also encourages the recruitment of unemployed jobseekers, in addition to other clients who are in receipt of welfare payments.

Reduced Costs

Intreo Employer Relations Teams offers a free service that helps employers avoid advertising, agency fees and other recruitment costs. We also provide pre job and induction training to help reduce staff turnover.


JobsPlus (www.jobsplus.ie) encourages and rewards employers who recruit certain welfare clients. It includes those who have been unemployed and on the Live Register for a period, those parenting alone in receipt of One Parent Family Payment and jobseekers with refugee status. Depending on the age of the new recruit and the time they have been unemployed, employers can receive from €7,500 to €10,000 over 2 years directly into their bank account (that’s €312.50 to €416.66 each month)

Applicant Screening

Our professional dedicated caseworkers screen potential clients in line with your requirements. This reduces the time you spend reviewing CVs and responding to applicants. This also helps reduce the admin involved in recruiting new staff.

Enhancing your corporate social responsibility

Work Placement Experience Programme (WPEP)

Where jobseekers don’t have the immediate skills that you need in your business, but they have the right motivation, employers can use the Work Placement Experience Programme (www.gov.ie/WPEP) to host a trainee for 6 months. Over these six months, you pay them nothing, but the jobseeker continues to receive their usual welfare entitlements with an attractive increase so that it is broadly equal to minimum levels of pay. Then you help them to build skills and experience and gain accredited training in the sector for 30 hours per week over the six months.

Ger Walsh Intreo Partner WST LAES
Employer Liasion Manager