Find out what people say about us
Find out what people say about us


It's truly remarkable to witness such glowing accolades for a WST LAES candidate who was successfully positioned at UPMC through the diligent efforts of our Caseworker, Bronwyn, within our Waterford WST LAES division. Hi Ger, I hope this message finds you well. As per our earlier conversation this month, I wanted to provide you with an update on the progress of a WST LAES candidate placed within UPMC. The candidate joined our team in the middle of 2022 as a subcontracted officer from S-security Ltd. Right from the start, it was evident that the candidate possessed tremendous potential and dedication. They quickly adapted to their role and found particular satisfaction in interacting with patients and visitors. I'm pleased to share that the candidate's exceptional approach garnered numerous compliments from both our Quality team and patients visiting the hospital. Initially, the candidate's responsibilities took them to various UPMC sites as they were subcontracted. However, it was apparent that they had developed a strong connection with our UPMC facility and desired to work here exclusively. Towards the end of the year, the candidate and I discussed the possibility of them joining UPMC's staff if a suitable position opened up. After consulting with the management and HR teams over the holiday season, we were thrilled to offer the candidate a permanent position in February. Since then, the candidate has been an integral part of our team as the Front of House officer. Their responsibilities encompass a range of crucial tasks, including welcoming visitors and patients, managing visitor policies, overseeing contractor procedures, and ensuring the proper functioning of our access control systems, barrier systems, and CCTV. The candidate's enthusiasm for growth within UPMC has been evident, and they recently had the opportunity to gain valuable experience by accompanying me to a security standard review for our CHKS accreditation. The hospital's management team recognizes the candidate's dedication and potential, and as a result, they have proposed sending them for further training. The goal is to expand our fire training team, with the ultimate aim of appointing the candidate as a fire officer/manager for the hospital. Their dedication and contribution have truly been exceptional, making them not only an asset to our team but also a testament to the positive impact one can have within UPMC. We look forward to seeing the candidate continue to thrive and contribute to UPMC's success. UPMC Manager

We recently received inspiring feedback from our client, Dave, who embarked on a significant, life-changing journey by relocating to Ireland just over a year ago in search of a fresh start and a better life. This admirable individual, 45 years old and driven by ambition, touched down on Irish soil on July 1, 2022. The support, advice, and job opportunities provided by our team were instrumental in his transition. Dave highlighted the support he received from our dedicated team, mentioning the "open, honest, direct, and superbly helpful" guidance he received from Niamh in our Dungarvan office, along with the assistance provided by Bernie at the Local DSP office. The team's commitment to providing a comprehensive job pack made a notable difference. Through this, he discovered a control room operator position for the Garda in Waterford City. Despite the challenges associated with being an immigrant to Ireland, Dave persisted - applying, undergoing multiple tests, participating in interviews, and submitting paperwork. Dave was excited to share that as of July 24, 2023, he commenced his new position. Dave's heartfelt email underlines the effectiveness of the support systems in place in Ireland for jobseekers who are prepared to take advantage of the vast supports on offer. Dave appreciated everyone involved in this adventurous journey, both on the frontline and behind the scenes, and expressed his gratitude and commendation. Dave Clarke Dungravan

🌟Client Testimonial – Dave Clarke🌟

Thanks to Niamh for producing a great CV for me as a result I can now apply for jobs with confidence. I am also finding the weekly LAES Jobs Pack of great benefit in helping me find suitable jobs to apply for. I would highly recommend the Local Area Employment Service their support has been invaluable to me at this time

Since registering with the Dungarvan Local Area Employment Service my caseworker Niamh has been so helpful to me. Through the service I received support to update my Safe Pass Ticket. I have now returned to full-time employment within construction, and I continue to receive support when needed from my caseworker. I am so happy with the service I have received and continue to receive from the LAES.

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